Presidents report

A delightful luncheon to mark our 25th year of service was held in November 2018 at Hillstone St Lucia where we warmly welcomed many of our past and present board members. Founding Member, Wendy Callinan, shared her memories about how the Breast Cancer Association of Queensland was first formed and how proud she is at how the Breast & Prostate Cancer Association has grown in size and service. 

Sadly our past Board Member, Nancy Thong, (pictured) passed away on the 30th of November 2018. 

<p">Nancy served as an active committee member for over 10 years from July 1995 until September 2005 and held positions of Vice-President, Treasurer and Fundraiser. Nancy organised many fundraising events and community seminars during her time on the board and was passionate about nurse education, placement and research.  We are grateful to her family who attended the 25th Anniversary luncheon just before Nancy’s passing and for allowing BPCAQ to be the beneficiary of donations received in her memory. Nancy will be sorely missed and is greatly appreciated for her service to the breast cancer cause.

We are pleased to introduce Toni Jakins our newly appointed nurse for the Goondiwindi district. Toni will be supporting both breast and prostate cancer patients and completed her studies in both these subjects via La Trobe last year.

We are also thrilled to report that following on from the research project the Pammie Ellem completed last year, we have been provided funding to enable us to replicate the findings from Pammie’s research across the state. In summary, we will endeavour to establish nurse networking opportunities for many breast and cancer care nurses working in rural and remote Queensland.

This year we will be hosting our annual community seminar in Mackay on Saturday 14th September. Many specialists from the region will give talks about how breast and prostate cancer is currently treated and how patients are supported.  We hope to also encourage volunteers from that region to assist us to be able to deliver services to that district.

Our committee is proactive and dedicated in providing financial assistance to patients and supporting nurses to further their education in the area of breast and prostate cancer care.

We do sincerely thank all of the donors, sponsors, supporters and volunteers who assist us in the delivery of our services.

Dr Marie Burke