Presidents report

Welcome to the Autumn Newsletter for 2024

Most areas of Queensland have had good falls of rain during the summer. We have all felt the heat and humidity have been more extreme over the summer this year. Although the heat has been uncomfortable, most of the rural areas have appreciated the rain.
It has still been patchy, and areas have missed out. It reminds me of Dorothy Mackellar’s words, “Of Droughts and Flooding Plains, I love her far Horizons …”

We have posted out or given away over 250 of our 30 Year Celebration 1993 – 2023.
The BPCAQ have had a remarkable 30 years providing support to many rural & regional communities in Queensland. The grants we have provided for this financial year so far has exceeded $80k. We have consistently increased the amounts to our patients in need and thankfully, through the support of our Subcommittee Branches and your generous donations, this will continually increase each year!

We need to consider costs of posting out the Newsletter twice a year, and we are planning to send out the Newsletter digitally as from 2025. Jacqui will remind you all to make sure we have your correct email address as we want to make sure you receive our Newsletter.

Our Board member, Pammie Ellem, held a very successful breast cancer practicum for 4 days in Brisbane last October for 6 rural nurses. This year Pammie is planning to have a prostate cancer practicum in October for rural nurses.

We have greatly appreciated the many donations we have received and thank the people and organisation that have help raise the funds.

Enjoy being informed of our latest news.

Gina Fairfax